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Waterproof Dog Coats that Cover Belly

Our exclusive Panache Dog coats all have underbelly protection, as this is essential in keeping your dog warm. A coat with out underbelly protection is like having a coat with no zipper or buttons; it is essential in keeping your dog warm, especially as the most vulnerable part of your dog is the chest.

Key points of our chest protector.

1. All our chest protectors are always double lined to ensure maximum warmth and protection.

2. Our dog chest protector ensures complete underbelly protection. Carefully designed our chest protector starts at the neck and ends at the waist.

3. Our chest protector has a belt that goes around the waist, and is easily adjusted, to fit a wide variety of sizes, and to form a snug fit ensuring maximum protection. Note our belt hardware is never plastic; we only use brass and stainless steel hardware.

4. Our lightweight raincoat and our camouflage coat are waterproof with belly protection.

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We are available to answer any of your questions to ensure you pick the right coat for your dog.