What makes our coats stand out from the rest…

The Panache Dog coat pattern is unique.

Exclusive to Panache Dog, our patterns have been adapted from measuring hundreds of dogs, numerous breeds, to ensure the ultimate fit for your dog. With its ribbed knit turtle neck, chest protector and adjustable belt, our coat offers full protection from top to tail.

Our coats are sold only through this web site and are EXCLUSIVE to Panache Dog.

You just won’t find all these features in any other coat!

  • 1 Rib Knit turtle neck that stretches to go over any size head, fitting snugly to the neck for extra warmth, and stays snug after repeated washings. The turtle neck is made of a double layer, for extra warmth, it can also be extended to unfold to a hood and go over the ears for extra protection.
  • 2 Chest Protector which covers the entire chest, this starts under the turtle neck and ends at the belly for maximum protection.
  • 3 Adjustable belt which is sewn at the bottom of our chest protector ,and can easily be adjusted to fit your dog. This creates a snug fit, which is essential for warmth.
  • 4 Our coat is designed to fall to the top of the knees for maximum protection at the front.
  • 5 A double layer of fabric at the chest front.
  • 6 Tailored to protect the hind quarters, for maximum coverage.
  • 7 We use only brass or stainless steel hardware, never plastic, ensuring many years of use.
  • 8 We use luxuriously soft, high quality fabrics that are washable and with care will not shrink.
  • 9 Designed to be easily put on and off, quickly with no messing.
  • 10 We offer a variety of coats for both cold and extreme weather conditions…


We offer coats for very large dogs , including bully breeds.