About Us

We have been in business for 30 years; we make dog bed covers and specialize in dog coats.

Our coats are designed by people who understand the anatomy of a dog and we have refined our patterns from years of measuring HUNDREDS of different breeds of dogs.

Our coats are designed for fit, warmth and protection from the elements; they are sold exclusively on our site. We offer a wide selection of different coats from small to X large, not forgetting bully breeds with big heads.

All our bed covers and most of our coats are made locally in Pennsylvania, using locally sourced fabrics. All our products are made of superior quality fabrics and hardware.

All our products are WASHABLE, made of the finest materials and will usually last the lifetime of your dog.

We refuse to use plastic or Velcro, all hardware on our coats is BRASS or STAINLESS STEEL.

We maintain a very HIGH QUALITY product, and offer a FULL REFUND on all our coats and bed covers if in any way you are not happy.

Our mission is to provide exceptional quality coats and bed covers.

We welcome our new customers who have found Panache Dog for the first time and thank our old loyal customers who keep coming back to Panache.