Waterproof Camouflage Winter Raincoat


Designed for warmth in wet weather, rain or snow this winter rain coat will protect your dog.

Our latest addition ( we have listened to our clients who have been in search of a good warm winter coat that also is waterproof ) and are very excited to launch our new CAMOUFLAGE COATS for this fall. This unique coat comes with a WATERPROOF outer layer, and is FULLY LINED with polartec fleece.

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Coat Features

• Pro Tuff Waterproof 20 Ounce Camouflage Woven outer layer, PVC Coated, it is extremely durable, soft to the touch, and washable.
• Fully lined, with 300 count Polartec Fabric, for additional warmth. This is a anti pile polar fleece, and with wear it will not form small balls.
• Sports a rib knit neck that unfolds for extended warmth, and fits snugly on the neck.
• Chest protector, fully lined with our Polartec Fleece.
• Adjustable belt, all brass hard ware, to ensure a comfy fit.
• Leash hole

Designed for temperatures down to zero, for warmth. Offers protection from rain and snow.

Sizes from small to large and extra large dog.


Choose between Trendy Pink Camouflage or Military Green Camouflage.

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