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Whole Dog Journal Review – January 2000

Why couldn’t every company make their dog-care products as well as Panache? The Panache Bed is the simplest, but highest-quality
bed we examined – and not the most expensive. Panache started out with a type and quality of foam we have not seen in any other dog bed. The company describes it as heavy, solid upholstery-grade foam; it’s extraordinarily dense. Then, the maker dished the block of foam, creating a cozy nest, fabulous for dogs who like to sleep curled up. (Our only caveat: The foam at the deepest part of the “dish” is only about an inch or so thick – not quite as cushy as our favorite eggcrate foams. On the other hand, this foam is much more dense than the eggcrate foams.) The plush faux-fur fabric is also of a quality we have not seen in dog products before, and the workmanship is superior. The cover is
held in place with a sewn-in piece of elastic, and it slips on and off the foam very easily. We’ve noticed that with every other nest-type bed we’ve tried, the cover never goes back onto the foam as smoothly and easily after it has been washed; this was not a problem
with the Panache bed. Plus, the maker sells extra covers . . . What else could you want? I wonder if we could talk PC Panache into
making a flat bed – with the exact same kind and thickness of foam used for this bed – for dogs who like their beds flat, rather than nesting? That would pretty much meet the needs of every other dog around. If they made one big enough, that might even meet our mattress needs!

*** Response from PanacheDog regarding making a flat bed – actually we provide an insert for the “nest” to make the bed flat at no additional charge, please request one with your order.

Reviewer: Laura
12/14/2010 07:09pm

We purchased an X-L PC Panache bed in 2003 and nearly 8 years later, it’s still in great shape. I learned about PC Panache’s dog beds in The Whole Dog Journal and their excellent review was exactly right. The option to have a cut out nest served our 100 lb tall Lab mix very well. As a younger dog, he liked to curl up in the oval space; as an older dog, we put the foam cut-out back in so that he could get up /off more easily. Now he has passed at 15-16 years, and we inherited another Lab who is eagerly awaiting her new camel cover. (It took 7 years of “nesting” to wear/scratch a hole in the bed cover–wish I could say that about other dog beds we’ve had over the years!). It’s such a comfortable bed that completely maintains it’s form, that humans who sit or lie on it do not want to get up. HIGHLY recommended!

Reviewer: Carol Kosarin
12/29/2010 10:46pm

Great bed! Ours is nine years old, is used daily and is still in excellent condition. Recently I added the insert for my nearly 11 year old dog. Now it is much easier for her to get up from the bed than it was when the bed had the dished out center. Great value… this bed lasts and lasts.

Reviewer: Midge Ritchie, DVM

2/17/2011 10:56pm

I LOVE this bed, and so does my 16-year-old pug, Nellie. As a veterinarian, I highly recommend this bed for any dog, but it is especially great for dogs with special needs, such as orthopedic or neurological conditions. I adopted Nellie 12 years ago after rescuing her from a puppy mill. Due to the strain on her body she has a calcified intervertebral disc that has caused her to lose her ability to use her hind legs. This bed is great for her, as she fits perfectly in the “nest” and the thick foam allows her stay comfortable for hours on end without any worry of bedsores. The bed, along with the wateproof cover, is so well made and durable that it will last years on end and evolve with the needs of your pet, from puppies to geriatric animals. It’s the only bed I recommend for all of my patients!!!

Nellie (16 years old) fast asleep on her Panache bed