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Why Panache, What Makes Us Special?

All Our Coats and Bed Covers are made one at a time, locally in Pennsylvania NY, our fabrics are sourced here in the USA and are the FINEST QUALITY.

Our products are designed by dog people, ( we have been in business for 25 years ), we understand the anatomy of a dog and have refined our patterns from years of measuring HUNDREDS of dogs. Our coats not only FIT, they offer maximum protection from the RAIN, SNOW, and SUB ZERO temperatures, and can easily be put on and off your dog.

We use the BEST QUALITY fabrics, all our products are washable. We refuse to use Plastic or Velcro , all hardware on our coats is BRASS or STAINLESS STEEL, our coats and bed covers, with care, will last the LIFE TIME of your dog.

We offer a large choice of sizes on all coats, to ensure the best fit and protection, including BIG DOGS. All our coats have chest protectors, and an adjustable belt for a snug fit.
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We also offer CUSTOM COATS, as so many breeds require special tailoring. For an additional small fee, we will hand tailor our coat to your dogs measurements.
About Custom coats…

Our coats are ONLY sold through our web site and a few exclusive stores.

We offer a FULL REFUND on ALL products ( except custom ).

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